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The Knitter's Guide to Hand Dyed
and Variegated Yarns
is now available!!!
To celebrate the book, I am offering
this free shawl pattern ,
The Lace Rim Shawl (click for pdf)
or see more views here.
It is dessigned in the magnificent color
Lorna's Purple Mustang
by Lorna's Laces

I've owned my fun Mustang since November 2001. She was originally dark
green but I recently had her painted my favorite color. For my fellow Mustang
lovers, she is an August 65 baby (not quite a 64-1/2), convertible, upgraded
302, dual exhaust, 4 speed, 2 barrel. She runs like a dream, loves going topless
and Lorna drives her fast and hard...but safely!

Now, about the shawl:
The shape is a simple semi-circle that starts at the neck with just a few stitches
at the neck. Concentric eyelets grown larger as the shawl grows. The simple
lace design allows the colors to show off and the colors spread out perfectly
because the shawl is constantly changing number of stitches--no pooling!

Learn more about working successfully with hand dyed yarns in
Lorna's book.

See if I'm coming to a shop near you
for a
book signing, or ask your shop if
they'd invite me! I'd love to autograph