Hello! I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Lorna Miser. There aren’t many Lorna’s out here so you’re wondering if I’m THAT Lorna (if you’re a knitter). Yes, I am. I started Lorna’s Laces hand dyed yarns back in the late 80’s. I loved creating yarn colors and yarns and many years growing that company. My own three children grew up with yarn drying everywhere and frequently being bribed to tape yarn labels to yarn for extra money. Those children are all successful adults now and the yarn company has moved from California to Chicago. I still love those yarns and those memories.
After selling my yarn company I went into design 100%. I design, knit and crochet patterns for dozens of yarn companies, publishers and for my Ravelry site. I also have written several knitting books and teach workshops all over the country.

I enjoy the knitting itself, but I love the friendships I have because of it even more. They form a perfect circle. Please join my circle and let’s knit together.

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Lorna knitting in pearls!