Cords, Ties & Braids (3 hours)

Think of the times you needed a ribbon or cord to close a hood, waistband or slipper.
In this class you will practice many different types of ties or cords that can be used for finishing your knit projects, the type needed for hoodies, waistbands, booties, purse handles, etc. The cords all vary in thickness and style and serve different purposes for a variety of uses. We'll also show and discuss the possible variations of each one. The cords presented will be theses and more: Reinforced I-cord using an I-cord maker, twisted cord using a kitchen mixer (or a wooden spoon or pencil), Grandma Helen's Cord taught to Lorna by her Grandma, standard braid and tips on using it, crochet chain only better, knit chain only better and other unusual cords.