Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting
friendships that initiate through knitting. Each story has a knitting project that  
is now available! It is a beautiful book about relates to that friendship. I hope
that you enjoy reading the stories, knitting the projects and telling me about
your own stories. Knitting does bring people together.

For more details on Grandma's Lace Shawl, please see
this page.

Page 16, cross out Rows 1 - 6 and rows 7 - 12 at the top left corner. The leaf
lace pattern begins on Row 1: *Yo, k4, ssk, k5: repeat from *.

Page 16, RS rows: Knit 3, *work Leaf Lace Pattern to one st before marker,
knit 1 st until there are enough sts for another leaf, yo, slip marker, knit 1, slip
marker, yo, knit 1 st until there are enough sts for another leaf repeat from *
work Leaf Lace Pattern to last 3 sts, k3.

Page 26, Increase for Thumb Gusset: Place marker, make 1, knit 1, make 1,
place marker, knit to end of round. (Replace word "increase" with "make").

Page 48, change the yarn quantities for CC3 Turquoise to 4 (5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8)
MC. Next rnd: With CC3...

Page 18-23, Although the introduction states that the sleeves are picked up and
knit down without seams, the instructions are to knit them flat and sew them
in. Sorry for the contradiction, however the pattern is correct.

Pages 130-131: Disregard mention of 1 st in reverse stockinette. Entire vest is
knit in stockintte. This will work but will look like princess lines rather than
like the photos.
For edgings: Pick up sts, knit 1 row and yo row and knit 1 row all as stated. Cut
yarn at least 10 yards for body and 3 yards for armholes. Thread half as many
beads as you have sts. *Bind off one stitch, slide up a bead, bind off one stitch;
repeat from * around.