Knit From the Center Out (3 hours)

Learn how to knit a scarf, shawl or blanket ANY size using ANY yarn in ANY
quantity to ANY gauge you choose, even ANY (almost) stitch pattern!
Sound too good to be true? No way! Lorna will show samples for different ways to
start a scarf/shawl/throw in the middle and knit until it is the size you want. Very
little planning, even less math. But it’s a great way to use single skeins, fancy
skeins, variegated and yes, even novelty yarns. You can start your project in class. Several different methods will be shown for starting the center, from a provisional cast on, to a rectangle or a circle join or even a piece of lace or fabric. No two projects will ever look the same and yet each will be beautiful, fun and easy to create. This is that kind of project where you can’t go to bed until you’ve knit “just one more round”.