Understanding Yarn Labels, Symbols and Yarn Characteristics (3 hours)

Yarn labels seem to be written in Greek or hieroglyphics! How is a knitter supposed to know what those symbols mean? And even if you understood it, how helpful is that information?
This class will begin with understanding each and every piece of information that is shown on yarn labels: weight, care, fiber, gauge, length, color, dye lot, and more. Then what do you do with this information? You learn the qualities of each type of fiber, it’s strengths, weaknesses and characteristics. You learn what fibers behave similarly and would substitute well. You learn how to use it to show its best and how to care for it. You also learn how much to buy and what to do if you don’t have enough.
And for those mystery yarns that don’t have labels? You’ll learn how to guess at the fiber content and figure out the yardage and washability.
Each student will receive more than a dozen yarn samples and will play detective in class, figuring out everything that can be learned about these yarns. They’ll also each receive a thorough handout with symbol explanations and fiber traits.
If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between alpaca and llama or merino and virgin wool, this class will be a valuable resource.